How To Donate


"Success is getting what you want,
happiness is wanting what you get"

The Pantry works hard to responsibly and strategically stretch every dollar we receive! Give online through our secure link and know that each dollar goes to feed a needy family in our local community.

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There are so many other opportunities to give! The Pantry is partnered with Kroger and Amazon so that with each purchase you make, a percentage of the profits earned is donated to LifeTools, the non-profit organization over The Pantry and The CarePlace in Douglasville. To donate in this way, follow these links below.

Click HERE to Link Your Kroger Plus Card to LifeTools

Click HERE to Link Your Amazon Account to LifeTools

How To Volunteer


The Pantry always has openings for community volunteers from occasionally lending a hand on Saturday mornings to long-term team members providing key logistical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Available Volunteer Positions:

  • Greeter- Must have a pleasing personality and ability to work with a variety of people. Needs to have a passion for this type of ministry and willing to serve three times per month.
  • Data Entry- Must be familiar with Excel and Word. Need to have good data entry and editing skills.
  • Customer Service Representative- Likes to meet with people one on one and has a compassionate heart. Needs to commit to serving at least twice per month.
  • Social Compassion- Needs to be familiar with other agencies within the county and their programs. Needs to have an ability to help make connections for The Pantry.
  • Stocker- (Thursdays from 8:15 am until about 10:30 am).
  • Driver- Weekdays during normal business hours. Needs to commit to a weekly schedule of at least 2-3 hours one day per week. (The day of the week is flexible based upon the food pickup schedule)
  • Food Service- Serves in the warehouse: Includes stocking shelves, cleaning, carrying out groceries for customers. (Come as often as you can.)
  • Prayer Partner- Desires to assemble our prayer requests and commits to pray over them each week.
  • Event Organizer- Likes and has skills with Fundraising and Event Planning.


Yes, children are welcome at The Pantry! We ask that children that are still in a stroller not come with their parents as there is not enough room in the warehouse to accommodate a stroller.

Parents need to monitor their children’s emotional well-being. If you determine that a child is getting emotionally weary then please leave with them happy so that they leave with a good feeling about serving.

Children under the age of twelve will need to be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

Typically children twelve and older can serve at The Pantry without parental supervision. However, if you as a parent want to serve with your children that is also welcomed by The Pantry.

Just email the following information to us at

  • Name of the group
  • Number of people anticipated to serve
  • Service date requested
  • Age range of the group
  • Number of children under the age of nine years
There are multiple ways to make a donation to The Pantry:
  • Make a financial donation by clicking on our donation button. Every dollar that you donate will purchase 6.25 pounds of food and will feed one person for an entire day.
  • Conduct a “Pennies for The Pantry” drive. The Pantry will provide coin collection containers for your group. The containers can be signed out by your organization and distributed to your church members, employees or civic group members and then returned to The Pantry.
  • Conduct a non-perishable food drive. The Pantry will provide large collection containers for your organization. We will deliver and pick u these containers upon your request.
  • Deliver non-perishable food items to The Pantry Thursday between 8:00 am and 10:00 am or Saturdays between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. (Please check our website to confirm we are open prior to delivering items.)
  • Plant a row for the hungry. During the spring of the year, if you plant a garden, plant an extra row and when you harvest it then deliver that row of food to The Pantry.
  • 1. Closed toe shoes. No sandals or flip flops
  • 2. No clothes that promote profanity, alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco or gang symbols.
  • 3. Please wear a beautiful smile on your face reflecting the joy in your heart!