You did not land on our website by accident. I suspect that either you are in need or you want to be a blessing to someone in need! No matter the reason, "Thanks for checking us out!"

The Pantry has been serving hungry and hurting people since 2007. Since then we have served more than 31,358 families! You could be one of the next generation of people we serve or perhaps you want to serve or make a donation.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of food are distributed to those in need each year and all with a very joyful spirit. Our goal is to be the "the most loving place in the world!" It sure is a lofty goal but one that keeps us focused on serving without a judgmental attitude. We believe at The Pantry that we never know enough about any person's situation to sit in judgment over them. Our role is to love and love unconditionally!

If you are in need come and visit us. If you want to donate you can do so now via our online giving or stop by and see us in action. We would love to meet you and perhaps you will catch the vision and become a "Pantry Peep" and serve with us!

God's blessings,

Frank & Pam Smith